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Welcome to BrizTalk!

The Brisbane BizTalk User Group was created in 2005 to identify and unite the expanding community of Microsoft BizTalk Server designers, developers, administrators and users in the Southeast Queensland area, providing a forum to share knowledge, information and experience in the Connected Systems arena. Although we don't have regular meetings, there are special events from time to time which you will be notified of if you register. In addition to the resources on this site, we also have a BrizTalk You-Tube Channel for hosting recorded webcasts and presentations. 

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BizTalk Summit 2015 - London

The BizTalk Summit 2015 will take place in London this year on April 13 & 14, again sponsored by BizTalk360. This is always a monumental event featuring the top speakers in the industry - and this year is no exception! With an impressive line-up featuring at least ten integration MVPs and four members from the Microsoft product team, this is one not to miss!

Tickets are already on their way to selling out, so don't hesitate to register before you miss out on the early bird price!

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Integration Mondays

 Be sure to check out the weekly online presentations hosted by the UK user group. Every week so far has been an exciting presentation by top people in the BizTalk & Azure integration space, including Charles Young, Sam Vanhoutte, Michael Stephenson, Josh Twist, Steef-Jan Wiggers, etc.  The event occurs at 5:30am Brisbane time - so you need to get up early! (Or you can download and watch the recordings)

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INTEGRATE 2014 - Global BizTalk Summit

Global BizTalk SummitIntegrate 2014 is a Global BizTalk Summit that will be held on the Microsoft Campus, Redmond WA (USA) between December 3-5, 2014. The event was organized by Microsoft team over the past 2 years, but this year the baton has been passed on to BizTalk360 to organize and execute this event along with some core partners. This event is a key milestone for the Microsoft product group as they are expected to release some important product announcements, their vision and roadmap for the coming months.

The line-up of speakers is looking pretty impressive so far, including a number of folks from the BizTalk Product team! Be sure to register before the event sells out, as there are limited places available. Hope to see you there!!

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Free eBook on BizTalk Mapping Patterns!

Microsoft Integration MVP and BizTalk Mapper champion Sandro Pereira has just released a whopping 400-page eBook entitled BizTalk Mapping Patterns & Best Practices, and incredibly, it's FREE TO DOWNLOAD!! What a phenomenally generous contribution by this prolific blogger/author/speaker in the BizTalk community!

The book covers in extraordinary detail a plethora of common mapping patterns, including (to name a few):

  • Data Translation Pattern
  • Content Enricher Pattern
  • Aggregator Pattern
  • Content Filter Pattern
  • Grouping Pattern
  • Sorting Pattern
  • Splitter Pattern
  • Name-Value Translation Pattern
  • ...and many more!

Download your copy now!!

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BizTalk Server 2013 R2 Available on MSDN

The English edition of the long-awaited release of BizTalk Server 2013 R2 is now available for download on MSDN!

Download your copy and start playing with the new features, including:

  • Platform support for latest versions of Windows Server, SQL Server and Visual Studio
  • Shared Access Signature (SAS) support in the enhanced SB-Messaging adapter
  • JSON support in the WCF-WebHttp adapter
  • Improvements to the SFTP adapter
  • Updates to the HL7 Accelerator

Find out more details about this release here on MSDN.

BizTalk Summit 2014 in Australia!!

The first ever BizTalk Summit is happening in Australia this year! A series of three 1-day events are planned in Brisbane, Sydney & Melbourne and will feature not only our local Integration MVPs like Bill Chesnut, Mikael Hakansson and Mick Badran, but also some of the top speakers from around the world including Michael Stephenson, Steef-Jan Wiggers, and Saravana Kumar!

There will be an offering in each of these cities:

If you are an integration consultant and want to know the future of BizTalk Server and Microsoft Azure BizTalk Services (MABS), then you should definitely attend one of these sessions!

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User RegistrationsTemporarily Disabled

 Unfortunately a recent bout of registration spamming has forced us to temporarily disable the new registration screen. Existing users will still be able to log in by responding to a Captcha prompt, but no new user accounts may be created at this time. Please accept our apologies for an inconvenience while we look into the matter further.

Meanwhile, please take time to browse the public aspects of the site, and also be sure to visit our Facebook page at,  or follow us on Twitter (@briztalk). 

New BizTalk Pluralsight Course Published!

Thrilled to announce that Pluralsight has just published the first BizTalk Mapper course authored by yours truly, entitled Using Functoids in the BizTalk 2013 Mapper

This course presents a deep-dive exploration of the BizTalk Mapper toolbox, especially the powerful built-in components that enable complex message transformations via a drag 'n' drop design grid.

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Major Improvements to BizTalk Services Announced!

 Some awesome updates to Windows Azure BizTalk Services were announced today by Scott Guthrie, including:

  • Support for the EDIFACT Protocol
  • X12 Schema Updates
  • Able to pull messages from Service Bus Queues & Topics
  • Shared Access Signature support with Service Bus 
  • BizTalk Adapter Service no longer needs SQL on-premises 
  • Backup & Restore support
  • Operation Log Support

This has enornmous implications for those of us seeking cloud-based integration solutions. We look forward to seeing even more improvements over the coming months as BizTalk Services continues to mature.

Read all the details in Scott Gu's blog (scroll to bottom for WABS updates):

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Windows Azure BizTalk Services is now GA!!

Microsoft has announced the General Availability of Windows Azure BizTalk Services (WABS)!  Having been in Preview only for almost six months, you can now feel confident deploying your applications to this service. The new pricing goes into effect on 1 January 2014.

Read the announcement here: 

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BizTalk 2013 Developer edition is here!!

BizTalk 2013 Developer Edition is finally here! All you need is a Visual Studio Professional with MSDN subscription to get you access.

You can download the installer from MSDN here:


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Latest Webcasts on the BrizTalk YouTube Channel

 Check out the latest webcasts on the BrizTalk YouTube Channel:

Slide decks can be downloaded from SlideShare as well.

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TechEd North America Sessions Available on Channel 9
BizTalk In The Cloud!

Recently, Microsoft announced the release of a plethora of new features in Windows Azure, not the least of which was the preview version of BizTalk Services. A re-vamped version of the former Azure Service Bus EAI/EDI Labs which was released last year and taken down earlier this year,Windows Azure BizTalk Services boasts Business-to-Business (B2B) and Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) capabilities for cloud and hybrid integration solutions, including:

  • Built-in support for managing EDI relationships between partners
  • EAI bridges with on-premises assets (including built-in support for integration with SAP, SQL Server, Oracle and Siebel)
  • Optional integration between Windows Azure BizTalk Services and on-premises BizTalk Server deployments

Like most Azure offerings, BizTalk Services runs on a secure, dedicated per tenant environment that can be provisioned on demand within minutes. It does not require any upfront license, and supports a pay only for what you use billing model.

Learn more about how to setup and start using the Windows Azure BizTalk Services preview.

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BizTalk Server 2013 is now RTM!!

BizTalk Server 2013 has now finally been released to manufacturing! View the full details on the BizTalk Server Team Blog.


Note that there is a new pricing model based on cores rather than processers. The official Licensing Datasheet & FAQ document is available from Microsoft, while Saravana Kumar has a very comprehensive and detailed post to explain the new licensing scheme. You can also download a BizTalk Server 2013 License Maintenance spreadsheet that Saravana has made available.

Also of interest is that there is no developer edition of BizTalk 2013 to download. Instead, MSDN users can download the Enterprise edition, which is the same as the developer edition. There is also the 180-day free trial edition.

Happy BizTalk-ing!

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BizTalk Saturday: Hands On Day Coming to Brisbane!

BizTalk Saturday is back with a new Hands On Day in Brisbane! Here's your chance to get up to speed with the new features of BizTalk Server 2013 under the guidance of Microsoft MVP Bill Chesnut ("BizTalk Bill") and BrizTalk Coordinator Dan Toomey! The Brisbane date is Saturday, 13 April 2013. Be sure to register now at the link below:

Cost will be $100 and you will need your own laptop & Azure account. Please see the link above for further details.

This community event is brought to you by the Australian BizTalk User Groups.

New Webcast: Using SSO for Application ConfigurationNew Webcast: Using SSO for Application Configuration

 Just posted a new webcast on how to use the built-in features of Enterprise Single Sign-On to store and manage your custom application configuration in BizTalk:

More webcasts to follow on the Brisbane BizTalk User Group YouTube channel.


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BizTalk 2013 Beta Now Available

 BizTalk 2012 R2 is now BizTalk 2013! Beta is available here:

Also BizTalk 2013 beta virtual machines are available in the Windows Azure Gallery!

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BrizTalk Has a Facebook Page!BrizTalk Has a Facebook Page!

 Check it out:

 I've posted numerous links to webcasts, presentations, & other resources. (and it looks a whole lot prettier than this page ;-)



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Presentations Available on Slideshare

Almost all of the presentations previously given by the yours truly are now available on SlideShare:

Check it out!

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New Webcast: Consuming REST Services from BizTalk 2010

Posted a new webcast on how to use WCF custom behaviours and the webHttpBinding to consume REST services from BizTalk 2010 and earlier:

The next release of BizTalk (2010 R2) will contain a new REST adapter, but this method will get us by until then.

Code samples are available on the TechNet post that inspired this webcast.

More webcasts to come later on the Brisbane BizTalk User Group YouTube channel.

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CU4 Available for BizTalk 2010!

Cumulative update package 4 for BizTalk Server 2010 is now available for download via a hotfix request:

Includes hotfixes for:

  • EDI Support
  • Message Runtime & Pipelines
  • Management Tools
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Microsoft Brisbane Office Has Moved!

Microsoft Brisbane has relocated to its new premises at L28, 400 George Street. Our regular scheduled meetings continue at the new venue.

BizTalk Management Pack for SCOM Released!

We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of the Microsoft BizTalk Server Management Pack for Operations Manager 2007 (SCOM). Many customers were waiting on this to move forward with their BizTalk Server 2009 deployments. With this availability, we are in a stronger position to drive BizTalk Server 2009 opportunities.

Download the SCOM Management pack from the Microsoft Download Center.

BrizTalk Has Moved!!

The Brisbane BizTalk User Group portal has a new home, courtesy of Microsoft hosting services. It also has a new look, thanks to the upgrade in DotNetNuke. Please be patient over the next several days as we gradually migrate content over from the old server.

User Accounts:

Unfortunately we are unable to migrate the user accounts from the old site. This means that you will have to recreate your account on this new site in order to access exclusive members-only content. We apologise for the inconvenience. However, rest assured that the mailing list has been preserved from the old site, so you will continue to receive notices even if you do not create a new user account here. If you wish to be removed from the mailing list, please contact the coordinator.


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