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BrizTalk Resources

This page contains a collection of useful links to blogs, forums, online papers, discussions, etc. as well as a set of tools that should be at every BizTalk developer's disposal. Hope you find them useful! There are also some presentations and other documents that you can dowload from this page (requires login to access).

If you find any links to be broken or outdated, or want to suggest additional links, please contact the coordinator.

Useful Links

Mexia Blog:

BizTalk 2010 Virtual Labs:

BizTalk "On-Demand" Training by Pluralsight:

The Bloggers Guide to BizTalk:

The Seven Habits of Highly Effective BizTalkers:

McGeeky's Thoughts:

Eric's BizTalk 2004/2006 Blog:

Scott Colestock's "Trace of Thought" Blog:

Charles Young's Blog:

BizTalk ChalkTalk (Luke Nyswonger's blog):

Marcus Rosen's Blog:

Paul Woods' BizTalk 2006 Lens on Squidoo:

BizTalk 2006 Documentation in PDF Format:

BizTalk 2006 System Requirements:

BizTalk Training:

Scott Woodgate's Blog:

Chris Vidotto's Blog:

Rahul Garg's Blog:

"BizTalk Bill" - Bill Chesnut's Blog:

Mick Badran's Blog for BizTalk and Connected Services:

Kevin Smith's Blog (BizUnit):

Mike Woods' MSN Group:

Microsoft BizTalk Server 2004 Site:

BizTalk Performance and Stress Team Blog:

BizTalk Toolkit

Some handy items to have in your BTS toolkit...

BizTalk CAT Instrumentation Framework Controller

An easy-to-use GUI for the high-performance BizTalk CAT Instrumentation Framework. The Controller lets you start and stop a trace, adjust filter options, log to a file and/or enable real-time tracing to DebugView!

Understanding Design-Time Properties for Custom Pipeline Components in BizTalk Server 

This article explores the details of designing and building Microsoft® BizTalk® Server custom pipeline components that use design-time properties; source code included.

Message Context Properties

A handy list of properties promoted by the BizTalk Messaging Engine:

Understanding the BizTalk Mapper

A great article by Daniel Probert explaining the ins & outs of this useful item in the BizTalk toolkit! Download the PDF version of the full article here:

BizTalk Interview Questions

BizTalk 2004/2006 Interview questions that every developer must know...

Microsoft BizTalk Server Operations Guide Available!!

BizTalk Rangers and BizTalk UE are pleased to announce the availability of the Microsoft BizTalk Server Operations Guide.

The 660 page guide is available on MSDN, and as a separate PDF, DOCX or CHM download. The guide is based on real-world experience from BizTalk Rangers, PFE and other customer engagements. This guide is intended to provide guidance around maintaining and operating BizTalk Solutions in demanding production environments. This has been a long standing request from our customers and partners.

The target audience is Microsoft field, partner organizations, and customers who plan, deploy, and maintain BizTalk Server installations. The guide was created from collections of checklists, best practices, and presentations to guide future BizTalk Server operations IT professionals.

Key portions of this guide are new; while other portions consists of documentation taken from BizTalk Server 2006 R2 Help, white papers, Knowledge Base articles, and other sources. It has been carefully reviewed and vetted by experts from the community of BizTalk Server IT professionals and members of the product development team, whom we gratefully acknowledge. We believe that the information presented here will help BizTalk Server users solve, and above all, avoid many of the common problems.

Full URL:

Publish BizTalk WCF Web Services from the Command Line

Dean Robertson has located the command line tool used to publish BizTalk WCF web services to IIS, in lieu of using the publishing wizard.  It’s a separate download, which explains why it’s not already in the BizTalk installation folder.

Now you only have to keep a copy of our WebServiceDefinition.xml file in your source control system, and dynamically generate the WCF receive locations using deployment scripts!

8 Tips & Tricks for Better BizTalk Programming

Thanks to Bill Chesnut for finding this gem! Some are not so obvious, but make a whole lot of sense when you think about it:

BizTalk Naming Conventions

Here's a pretty neat reference on naming conventions for BizTalk artefacts, objects and orchestration shapes, posted on Scott Colestock's blog:

Free Online Courses

A bunch of free elearning courses.. SQL, Biztalk and SharePoint... You can even cache them offline, to view when ever you like.

Stitching Tool

The stitching tool appends tracking database backups, taken by the Archiving and Purging QFE job, to a specified aggregate tracking database. It can be setup very easily by initially specifying the first archive that will be restored as the aggregate database. Any subsequent backup will be appended to this aggregate database.

BizTalk Documenter

The UK SDC BizTalk 2006 Documenter can generate automatic documentation of your BizTalk 2006 solution. Very sleek!

BizTalk Best Practices Analyser

The Microsoft BizTalk Server 2006 Best Practices Analyzer helps BizTalk Server administrators check their BizTalk Server 2006 deployment against a variety of best practices, including high availability, security, management, and performance.

Jason Birth's Orchestration Profiler

Creates CHM report files illustrating the level of coverage for specified BTS 2004 orchestrations. This tool can be run to gain a consolidated view of orchestration tracking data for a specified period of time to help developers get an idea of how their orchestrations are being processed and how much coverage they are getting in their testing. In addition to simple coverage information the data presented helps to identify latency and code path exceptions by highlighting long running and error prone orchestration shapes.

BizTalk Power Toys

Get your BizTalk PowerToys now! Erik Leaseburg, a consultant with Microsoft Premier Services for the past five years and an expert in BizTalk Server, has collected the best PowerToys on the Web! Here they are!

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